Sizing of the Foundation:

Determining the dimensions and geometry of the foundation based on the identified loads and soil properties. This step includes determining the width, depth, thickness, and shape of the foundation.

Detailing of the Foundation:

Designing the details of the foundation according to the principles of structural engineering. This includes considerations such as concrete detailing, reinforcement design, and provisions for resisting shear and bending moments. Detailed modeling of the foundation using computer-aided engineering 

Construction Supervision and Implementation:

Implementing strict quality control and supervision procedures during the construction of the designed foundation system. Ensuring compliance with structural engineering standards guarantees the establishment of a reliable foundation system.


Determination of Soil Parameters:

Based on the results of the site investigation, including analysis of factors such as bearing capacity, soil type, water table, geological structure, and other relevant factors, identifying parameters influencing the bearing capacity of the soil, such as cohesion, internal friction angle, and soil permeability.

Load Analysis:

Determining the loads that will affect the construction, considering factors such as the weight of the structure, its intended use, estimated loads (building, equipment, etc.), and environmental influences.

Selection of Foundation Type:

Choosing an appropriate foundation type based on the identified loads and soil properties. Options may include pile foundations, footings, deep foundations (piles, micro-piles in rare cases), and shallow foundations (mats, strips).

Calculation of Bearing Capacity:

Calculating the bearing capacity of the foundation based on the selected foundation type and soil properties involves determining the maximum load the foundation can safely support.

Evaluation of Soil Stability:

Assessing the stability of the soil and its impact on the foundation system based on the results of the soil survey. Factors such as settlements, soil erosion, water levels, and soil compression are considered.